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Ready to #SwimTheAnacostia?

Take the Anacostia River Use survey

The Department of Energy and Environment has an open survey about how people use the Anacostia River. Let them know how you use the river, and how you hope to use it in the future.

Can I jump in now?

There are days when it is safe to swim in the river, but it is currently illegal to swim outside of permitted events. The river is getting better but it is not always safe to swim, and the sediment can currently pose a risk to waders.

It will take time to plan and prepare for a swimming facility in the river, and we want to make sure that a pool can be created as soon as possible as restoration efforts are completed. We are talking about swimming now, even though the river isn’t yet fully restored, because we want to make sure that planning efforts around the river incorporate the need for access to swimming.